Binary Options Robot Review

It is not a matter of debate if Binary Options Robot is one of the best binary option auto trading software in the world. We have a number of reasons for us to make such a bold claim and we will reveal in this Binary Options Robot review why we strongly believe that there is no other software coming close to it in the binary industry. Since it is cloud-based, traders don’t have to bother about downloading it then installing it on their computers before they can use it.

Additionally, it has lots of interesting features needed for money and portfolio management and every trader is going to love them. With these review, we will present you these as well as the VIP account features which are all accessible to you for free should you decide to try out the Robot. One thing which every trader must note with Binary Options Robot, however, is that it supports trading with multiple brokers and you will have to create a new account with the broker you are interested in working with before you can use the Robot.

New Trading Benefits available on Binary Options Robot Platform

One of the new trading benefits introduced on the Binary Options Robot is a pop up window which appears any time there is a new trading signal in the market. The traders then have to accept the offer or cancel it and continue with the trades they already have.

With the pop up window, there is no room for traders to make mistakes since the “trade” button is clearly indicated in green and the “cancel” button is clearly indicated in a red color. The trader will thus know the exact choice they are making and avoid committing costly mistakes. It is also worth pointing out that with the pop up window, traders now have a vital role in the automated trading process.

Special features of the Binary Options Robot

With this Binary Options Robot review, it would be nice to start off with the most distinguishing features of the software. The Robot is based on next generation technology that is fully operated from the cloud, thus negating the need to have to download the software and have it installed in the traders’ machines.

Binary Options Robot uses a backend connection for establishing contact with the broker’s API automatically and without the intervention of the trader. Traders will only have to open a new account with their preferred brokers from the Robot’s dashboard because the Robot will not work with already existing accounts.

For the trader, this means that all they need to get Binary Options Robot up and running is to sign up at the Robot’s website, choose their preferred broker and make the required deposit then switch on that broker on the Robots dashboard and they will be good to go. Traders also have the choice of using additional settings to refine the portfolios they are interested in trading. More about these are as discussed below.

Binary Options Robot has support for a number of binary brokers and it will please you to know that more brokers are added on a regular basis. It is thus highly likely that traders will find most of their preferred brokers already added to the dashboard. It is also important to point out that traders have the freedom to use more than one broker with Binary Options Robot at the same time.

The following are some of the brokers currently available for traders to choose from the robot’s dashboard:


  • Banc de Binary
  • 24Option
  • 10Markets
  • BinaryBrokerZ
  • PlusOption
  • OptionFM

Binary Options Robot  Trading Interface

Binary Options Robot is not only cloud-based, but also it comes with a simple and intuitive user interface to make it easy and simple for traders to execute their trades. Having been designed with the trader in mind, the Robot has registered the highest success rates in the industry. This can be attributed to the fact that it comes with lots of interesting features and allows ease of customization for good money and portfolio management.

Daily Stop Loss

Daily stop losses can be easily set by the traders to show the amount they are willing to risk on any day. It gives the traders the ability to manage the money they like and also have more control over the trades they make.

Max Daily Trades

Traders can also type in the total number of trades they wish to take in a day. When this limit is reached, the robot will automatically stop trading until the next trading day.

VIP Account Feature

In this Binary Options Robot review, we also present you with the VIP account features, which are all available for free unlike with other robots where you will have to pay more if you are interested in accessing the VIP features. The following are some of the features present in the VIP account:

  • Risk Level – enable traders to carry out proper risk management by setting the frequency of their trades. The robot has up to four risk levels that traders can choose and they are marked with colors, from green to red, with green being less risky and red being very risky.
  • Strategy – traders can choose from four different strategies and each strategy is designed with a different algorithm for analyzing the markets. They save the trader from having to analyze the markets on their own.
  • Expiry times – Traders can also choose if they want 60 second 24 hour expiry times for their trading.

Binary Options Robot Support

Support is available in English every day of the week from 8.00am to 10.00pm. Traders can reach the support via an online from or through the live chat feature on the website. Binary Options Robot also has a fairly decent FAQ section where traders can always look at before contacting support.

Binary Options Robot Banking Options

Banking with Binary Options Robot is very simple. Once a trader has signed up, they can click on the “deposit” button right from the dashboard then choose their payment service to make a deposit directly with a broker. As usual, with the different brokers, there will be different modes of payment and every trader is certain to find one that suits them the most.

One thing to note about auto trading systems like Binary Options Robot is that traders place trades based on complex and complicated analysis done by the algorithms. This should not make you throw your knowledge, experience and caution to the wind. Always be sure to take all the necessary measures to reduce your exposure to the market and also limit the losses you may be prone to making.