Binary options Singapore

Binary options trading in Singapore

The traders and investors in Singapore are utilizing binary options for trading to make money. Binary Options trading involves guessing the price direction after a fixed interval of time. If you do it correctly, you get a return of up to 95% on the investment amount. You will get information on Binary Options Trading in Singapore in this article, along with brokers’ reviews.

The Singapore investors prefer to diversify their investment by investing in such a high-risk, high return trading instrument.

It would not be incorrect to state that binary options have revolutionized investing, especially as far as binary options in Singapore are concerned. Binary Options and Fixed time trades allow you to trade with limited funds and provide you with easy strategies to generate money.

Binary Options trading is one of the least complicated investing alternatives. The traders start trading by signing up with a reliable binary options brokers Singapore and learning to analyze the market using a few simple technical indicators. By learning to interpret the technical chart and manage risk while trading, the traders can increase their chances of success in Binary Options trading in Singapore. The traders must trade responsibly while using proper money management strategies to protect themselves from making losses while trading. So, before directly jumping into trading, you must have sufficient information about it to become a winner.


Binary Trading Singapore

Best online trading platforms in Singapore


Olymp Trade Singapore

Olymp Trade offers Fixed Time Trades and Forex trading through its online trading platforms. It is in the register of the international Financial Commission – the Financial Commission guarantees compensation of up to 20,000 if any dispute settled in favor of the investor.

Hence while trading with Olymp Trade, you can rest assure that you get a transparent trading environment. Olymp trade offers BONUS to Singapore traders; these are available by applying Olymp Trade Bonus Codes while making a deposit.

The traders get a 30% bonus deposit if they deposit within 1 hour of opening an account. Kindly check with your account manager and discuss the availability of the bonus deposit.

Olymp Trade Singapore Contacts

Olymp Trade does not have any local office in Singapore, neither it has any local telephone support at present. The traders can reach out to the customer support team 24-7 by Live Chat, Email, and Telephone. 

Is Binary Options trading legal in Singapore?

Yes, Binary Options trading is legal in Singapore. The Monetary Authority of Singapore does not prohibit trading in the Financial markets. However, MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore publishes information and caution on its Investors Alert List on its website. The traders should keep themselves informed and select the appropriate Binary Options Broker in Singapore.

Which is the Best Binary Options Broker in Singapore?

There are multiple Binary Options and Fixed Time Trades brokers offering their services in Singapore. We found Quotex, Olymp Trade, and Expert Option providing outstanding services to the traders from Singapore. You can try the services of Quotex Singapore in a risk-free demo account.

Will I make money by trading Binary Options in Singapore?

To be true, everybody doesn’t make money by trading Binary Options in Singapore. In fact, the majority of traders lose money. 

The traders who have good trading discipline, analysis skills, and risk management skills only succeed in making money trading Binary Options in Singapore.

Is Binary Options trading Risky in Singapore?

Yes, Binary Options in Singapore is categorized as one of the riskiest investment instruments. You make 90% profit if you predict the price direction correctly else you lose 100 of the invested amount. However, the risk is limited to the amount you decide while entering the trade. On the contrary, the maximum loss amount is unknown in Forex trading unless you set a StopLoss.

Learn the Skills before Trading

For beginner traders, before making any decision to trade with real money, it is important that you learn and practice in a risk-free demo account. Quotex gives all the traders a Free Demo Account with $10,000 virtual money. The traders can practice without the fear of losing money in this account. This account can be replenished for free if you lose all the virtual money in the account.

Binary Trading Singapore

Technical Indicators for trading Binary Options in Singapore

Once you start trading Binary Options, the technical indicators available on the trading platform will be your friends to assist you trade better. There are several charting tools, indicators, and oscillators to assist you in making winning trading decisions. MACD and RSI are two popular technical indicators that help you to recognize the change in trends.

You must not ignore the current news releases and fundamental developments in the market while following the technical charts. The winning rate increases if traders use technical indicators while keeping an eye on news releases and fundamental analysis. Practice your money management skills and chart analysis skills while trading in a demo trading account.


While learning binary options in Singapore and exploring the best way to make money from it, make sure that you practice enough in Demo Account. Fixed Time Trading and Binary Options are available with an expiry of 30 seconds and up to hours and days. You can trade Currency pairs, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices under Binary Options. The experts say it is better to trade with higher expiry times like 5 minutes and more for increased success in Binary Options trading. The indicators don’t perform well for the trades with 1 minute or less expiry time.

The trading discipline and risk management play an important role in determining the success in Binary Options trading.